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Upon the received of Application Form and Supported Documents from prospective students, RCST Admission Coordination Team will verify the Application Documents according to Admission Requirements for the chosen degree program, then process the Admission Evaluation Decision to be send to the Prospective Students.


Admission Evaluation

After receiving application, our Admission Evaluation Committee will conduct a comprehensive verification of your previous studies including all academic credits, diplomas and training attended according to RCST Regulations. if applicant fulfil the admission requirements for the chosen program, an "Admission Offer" plus Admission Evaluation Report will be sent to applicant within 5 working days, after which the applicant should pay the require tuition fees to the indicated bank account



Interim Admission Offer

Interim-Admission offer can be granted to Applicants who are expecting delivery of academic record and diploma from prior institution attended. In this case, the applicant will submit an Application Form with Letter of Recognition from present or former schools attended, that certifies you as student of the institution and information about the Enrolled Study Program, Date of Admission, Subjects / Courses Completed, Program Duration, and Expected Date of Graduation



Enrolment Confirmation

RCST will issue Enrolment Confirmation to students that are Admitted as Student into RCST University

Prospective students that fulfilled Admission and Enrolment Requirements, and having Paid the Required Tuition Fees will received the official Enrolment Confirmation, that will certified enrolment as student of RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology, Switzerland



Application Deadline

Distance Learning:  Admission intakes for distance learning are open-enrolment on year-round basis.

Full and Part / Time:  Admissions formalities for Full-Time programs have to be completed between 4 to 6 weeks before the start of the semester. International students applying from outside of Switzerland must complete all Visa Formalities before the commencement of study semester



Academic Calendar

Distance Learning Programs:  Academic year consists of 36 weeks

Full-Time and Part-Time Programs:  Academic year begins in April and September



Non-discrimination Policy

RCST is a co-educational institution offerring equal opportunity for all. The University does not discriminate with respect to race, religion, nationality, age, gender, marital status, handicap persons or disabled veterans



Disclaimer Notice on Learning Centres

Distane Learning Students who wish to enrol and receive lectures at Learning Centres around the world, should note the following:

RCS does not endorse or guarantee the services of any Learning Centres or Course providers

Students are advice to contact RCST in Switzerland for information before register at Learning Centres

Students are requires to PAY all Tuition Fees directly to RCST bank account in Switzerland

Students are strictly advice NOT to pay or send Tuition Fees through Learning Centres





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