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RCST Students and Alumni are well pleased to sharing Inspiring Messages of their career and motivation... Join us today, we shall be looking forward to reading your own inspirational thoughts on learning experiences and careers.  ENROL TODAY









  2015 Graduate (Switzerland / Italy)

  Bachelor of Aviation Management




"From Technical Aviation to Business Aviation" - moving progress. I completed  technical Aviation education in Italy, later earned Flight Dispatch License and Diploma in Airline Operation Presently working for a Business Aviation Group in Switzerland - Specialist in VIP Travels Worldwide.  Due to my growing interest in  business aviation, I enrolled onto a degree program at RCST and completed and earned the Bachelor of Aviation Management. My employer recognised the degree completed at RCST as proof of commitment to business aviation career, now Head of Operations Control.  RCST offers career-focused  programs, flexible learning and unique curriculum; Currently enrolled on the Master of Aviation Management program -  that sound perfect to accelerate my career in business Aviation - the progressive ladder to leadership position ....





  Student (Czech Republic)

  DBA Doctor of Business Administration

  2012 Graduate - Master of Business Administration MBA

  2009 Graduate - Bachelor of Business Administration BBA





I was very lucky to become part of very exciting and challenging project in 2006 which kicked off my professional career in IT Management. I have relocated to various sites across Europe to coordinate and manage the acquisition of operation  sites for my organization.  In 2007 I enrolled at Rockfield College of Sciences and completed my BBA degree in 2009,  having transferred from a public university in Czech Republic.  In 2010 I joined IBM company and had opportunity to continue my professional path in the Global IT Management field.  After completion of BBA, I continued on graduate program and successfully completed MBA degree in 2012.   Since graduation with both business degrees, I have accumulated interesting skills in business and management and career advancement to leadership positions. I am currently continuing my studies at RCST on DBA doctorate program.  My sincere regards and gratitude to the Dean and Faculty of RCST for their extensive mentoring, appreciation goes to the professionally experienced RCST Administrators for their countless support and encouragement






 Student (Poland)

 BBA Aviation Management




I studied Aerospace Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology Poland, had internships at Airbus Military and Jet Story in Part M, where I became more familiar with “Aerospace World”. I completed Flight Dispatcher License course which really motivated me to change my studies to Aviation Management. Currently working at Samsung Research & Development Plant where I am constantly developing my analytical, social and projects handling skills. I enrolled on Accelerated BBA Aviation Management program at RCST. The program curriculum enable me to acquired the skills to advance my dream career in Aviation, and widening my career prospect in the fast developing fields of Aviation Management. The flexible learning method greatly help to combine job and study.






  2012 Graduate (USA)

  BBA Public Administration






I completed professional education in Real Estates, Information Technology, and Healthcare Administration at Community Colleges in New York and Washington States, and worked as Immigration Support Consultant in Washington State (USA)  RCST evaluated my prior educational and career history, and I was granted considerable Transfer Credits to enrolled on Accelerated Bachelor program; I successfully completed the BBA Public Administration; now working as Senior Manager at Correctional Centre in Washington State; currently enrolled on MBA program to broaden my leadership skills







 2017 Graduate (Argentina)

 Accelerated BBA General Management




 I am specialist in REIT Real Estate Investments and Trust, and fine professional careers as Public Auctioneer, Appraiser and Real Estate Broker, with extensive knowledge in Latin America countries. Have worked in banking and Real Estate business, and co-founded Fiibra - REITS Related Group Latam. I enrolled on Accelerated BBA program of RCST Rockfield College to acquired skill and knowledge to grow my career and businesses. The flexible and accessible program offer market-economics curriculum required for career growth





 Isaac (Kenya)

 2017 Graduate - MBA Aviation Management.

 2015 Graduate - Bachelor of Aviation Management





I have great passion for Aviation profession – being a Former Kenya Air Force Fighter Pilot with 15 years military services; Certified ICAO Government Inspector and served as Flight Operations Inspector with KCAA.  Working for United Nations Mission in South Sudan, in-charge of standardization and validation in the Aviation Section.  Earned the Bachelor of Aviation Management from RCST- the degree has strengthening my competence in Aviation Management with job promotion, now enrolled MBA program of RCST - the Master degree program will gives me the opportunity to acquired managerial techniques required for operational development. The flexible learning style and innovative study curriculum offers by RCST endeared me and others to attains higher goals






  Student (Cote D’Ivoire)

  Master of Aviation Management






I graduated with Air Traffic Controller Diploma at  African School of Meteorology and Civil Aviation, in addition to MSc Economics and Management.  Currently working as Air Traffic Controller at Leon MBA International Airport Libreville, Gabon. With my growing interest in Aviation job and burning desire to enhance my knowledge in Aviation and Airport operations I am enrolled on the MBA Aviation Management program of RCS Switzerland. The flexible learning system of the program allows me to combine work with study. Going through the curriculum of the program, it helpe to acquired skills and knowledge to attain leadership and management positions within International Airports and Aviation Organizations.






 Student (Zambia)

 MBA Aviation Management






 I have been in aviation profession for almost 3 decades; completed diverse specialise training in Aviation, and worked in specialist positions e.g. Air Traffic Control, Ratings in Procedural Control, Aerodrome, Approach Area Control, and Aeronautical Information Service.  These unique experiences in Aviation with further studies (e.g. BSc Computing) have contributed to my career growth.  Currently working as Manager - Ground Handling at Zambia Airports Corporation Limited. Per my growing interest in management aspect of Aviation, I am enrolled on MBA Aviation Management program to help me develop the knowledge and leadership skills needed for successful Aviation career, and to achieve my dream of representing my country at ICAO.





  2014 Graduate (Italy)

  Bachelor of Aviation Management








 I graduated from Aeronautic Training School Italy, major in Air Traffic Control, and later attended The Flying School in USA to earn Commercial Private Pilot License. Since 2009, I am employed at FINMECCANICA, the biggest Aerospace and Aviation group in Italy.  RCS Rockfield College of Sciences offers the needed career-focused flexible distance learning programs to progress on my education. RCM innovative curriculum for BS Aviation Management program with off-campus study allows the flexibility to combine study and work. The knowledge and skills gained from the study helped improved my performances and understanding of what is behind the work I’ve been doing so far.




  Student (Cote D’Ivoire)

  Master of Aviation Management






Graduated as Air Traffic Controller from ASMCA, and working for national office for civil aviation development in Cote d’Ivoire. Africa need improve management skills to implement sustainable Aviation institutions across the continent... I enrolled on RCS's Master of Aviation Management program to help build a strong, sustainable and self-reliant aviation system in my country and continent.  The Master program offer flexible learning style - combine study with job - a fantastic opportunity that helps student to apply principles learned into day-to-day business situation that is a unique and innovative curriculum of RCST






  2014 Graduate (Kenya)

  Bachelor of Aviation Management






My passion for aviation profession started from my youth; I attended various aviation training courses with professional certifications. Worked for UNMISS United Nations Mission in South Sudan, responsible for Air Cargo Handling and Movement Control. The earned Bachelor of Aviation Management from RCS has accelerated and deepen my knowledge in management aspect of Aviation. Presently employs at United Nations World Food Programs Office. Thanks to the productive innovative skills gained from RCST







  Student (United Kingdom / Switzerland)

  Bachelor of Aviation Management






I have great passion for aviation. Currently working as a Licensed Mechanic at Cessna Citation Switzerland, previously at Lufthansa Technik Switzerland as B1 Certifying Engineer, and Lead Mechanic on VIP projects running the Inspection Team for Oman Royal Flight Airbus A320. I decided to learn business aspect of aviation; my prior Aviation Engineering study at Kingston University UK was accorded transfer credits to enrolled on RCST Accelerated Bachelor of Aviation Management program.





  Student (Ghana)

  Bachelor of Business Administration








I completed Bachelor degree in Social Works at the University of Ghana;  worked for private and public organizations in the fields of Community Services, with follow-up careers in Travel / Tourism, and Commercial Airlines Operations and presently working with United Nations Missions in areas of Ground Support Operations. Enrolled on BBA program, that offers innovative curriculum to help enhance and develop skills for successful careers.  Aviation Profession offers great job opportunities ...






  Graduate 2017 (Kosovo / Germany)

  Bachelor of Business Administration





I worked many years in administrative positions in Banking, Governement Department and Civil Engineering in Europe - Kosovo, Germany, Austria and Macedonia. Formerly attended AAB College Kosovo, but unable to complete my degree due to diverse work commitments. I challenged myself to complete my Bachelor degree through the opportunity of transferred credits offered by RCST Switzerland. My former Professor in Kosovo introduced RCST to me that it offers flexible learning styles.  I enrolled and completed the accelerated BBA program, due to maximum transferable credits from prior studies.






  Student (Germany)

   BBA Aviation Management






Prior education in Economics, Law and Business Administration; my career move in Aviation began with ATPL studies at the Swiss Aviation Training School, currently working for Business Aviation Group in Switzerland - responsible for VIP Charter Flights, Executive Jets Leasing, Refurbishment, Sales. I challenged myself to access further education in Aviation Management, and RCST  offers off-campus study programs that allow the flexibility to combine study and job.







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