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Undergradute Diploma in Business Management will teach student the foundation of business practices. The program will offer students basic knowledge for career-entry in business operations, and enhance  prospect in finding suitable employment. Alternatively, it the qualifcation can be used as advanced standing qualification to numerous business degree programs including the Bachelors' degree of Rockfield College of Management


Progression to Bachelor Program:

Student that successfully completed Diploma in Business Studies can move on to pursue the BBA program of Rockfield College of Management, or at other Universities / Colleges worldwide


PROGRAM Requirements & CONTENT

Diploma in Business requires the successful completion of 10 undergraduate courses, or minimum of 50 ECTS-Units (European Credits Transfer  System). The required total credits can be achieved or completed through the combination of learning groups (courses / modules) listed below, pending total credits transferred into the program


    PROGRAM:  DIPLOMA IN business managememt

BUS 121

Foundation of Business

BUS 122

Introduction to Management

BUS 123

Business Accounting

BUS 124

Introduction to Economics

BUS 125

Introduction to Marketing

BUS 126

Business Communication

BUS 127

Introduction to Statistic

BUS 128

Introduction to Business Law

BUS 129

Introduction to Human Resources 

BUS 130

Information Systems




Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Diploma in Business Management requires the successful completion of minimum 50 ECTS-units (European Credits Transfer System), the total cumulative credits will include recommended courses and applicable transfer credits. Student performance will be measure against acceptable overall academic achievements.  



program Admission:

High School Diploma, GCE A-Level Passess, or equivalent

Enrolment Intakes:

Open Enrollment (year-round admission application)  


Program Duration: 

12 Months or less;  Flexible Duration

Duration may depend on transfer credits brought into the program

Assessment Method:

Mixture of exams and assignment for each course

Study Methods:

Text-Based Distance Learning / Self-Study.. see Study Methods










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