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RCST has pool of qualified and dedicated Professors and Mentors. As accomplished and seasoned professionals. Our Professors drives the University's innovative capacity as experts in their fields because of their combine academic knowledge and professional expertise. RCST Professors are excellent communicators and mentors, and ready to support the goals of our students and making learning a pleasant experience







HRM Dr. Edmund Keli'i Silva Jr., PhD, JD, EdD

Professor of Education Leadership

Professor of Indigenous Studies

Chair, RCST Institute of Indigenous Studies and Advocacy


JD International Law, Word in Action Ministry College of Law, USA

PhD Political Science, University of Royal Borneo Nations, Hong Kong

EdD. Education Leadership, Rockfield College of Sciences, Switzerland


Teaching & Research Interest: 

International Law, Indigenous Studies and Advocacy, International Business Law, Economics, Political Science, Negotiationg and Policy Making, International Maritime Law and Constitutional Law, Strategic Management and Business Dev.,







Ernest Eugster, PhD

PhD. International Studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland

MS Telecommunications Engineering, University of Colorado. USA

BA International Affairs, University of Colorado, USA


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Business Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering,

Strategic Management and Business Development, Operations Research and Strategies,  Database Design and Network Planning, Organizational Changes






Ambassador Rafal Marcin Wasik, PhD

Secretary General, IHRC International Human Rights Commission


BS Economics and Management, University of Economics, Bialystok, Poland

MS Economics and Management, University of Economics, Bialystok, Poland

DS International Economics, International Personnel Academy, Ukraine

Dr. Honoris, International Relations, International University of AGSFM, Venezuela


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Economics Development, International Relations and Diplomacy, International Business and Economics, Global Strategy and Negotiation, Organizational Management; International Public Security, Human Rights Research and Advocacy





Kayhan Tajeddini, PhD

PhD Strategic Management, Bradford University (School of Management) UK

MBA Management, Mazandaran University of Science + Technology

BA Management (Hons), Tehran University


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Business Research Methods, Leadership and Organizational Management,

International Business and Global Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation,

Strategic Management, Hospitality Services Marketing, Negotiation,

Operations Research and Management





Steven Hartley, DBA

DBA Strategic Management, Swiss Business School, Switzerland

MBA Finance, University of Missouri, USA

BBA Management & French, University of Missouri, USA


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Financial Management, Strategic Management, International Business 

Managerial Economics, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development






Krystyna Krol, PGD, MA

MA Educational Technology, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

PGDip Strategic Business & Information Technology, NCC Education, UK

BS Computer Science, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Teaching & Research Interest:

Organizational Development, Leadership, Human Resource Management,

Technology Management, Education Management, Marketing Strategy, Entreprenuership & Innovation Management,






Nadine Alaves, MSAM, MTM

MS Aerospace Engineering; University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

MS Air Transportation; Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

FAA Airplane Commercial Pilot, Sunbird Aviation Montana, USA


Teaching & Research Interest:

Air Transportation Management, Airport Operations Strategy, Airline Operations Management, International Aviation Policy and Research, Commercial Aviation Safey & Security Management, Human Factors in Aviation,  International Aviation Law and  Regulations. Global Aviation Human Resources Management; Strategic Management of Global Airlines,  Airline Finance Management





Abdelkader Harihiri, MSIT, CISM

MS Information Technology, SUPINFO Paris, France

Certified CISM Certified Information Security Manager, France

Certified Lead Auditor, ISO 27001 Information Security Management

Certified Lead Auditor, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management


Teaching & Research Interest:

Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Communication Security, Cybersecurity Management, IT Risk Management and Security








Elena Spadini, MSC, EMBA

EMBA Business Administration, University of Applied Sciences, Lugano

MS Medical Engineering, Bio-Medical University, Rome, Italy

BS Medical Engineering, Univesita Campus Bio-Medico, Italy


Teaching & Research Interest:

Information Systems, Healthcare Technology, Business Mathematics, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Client Relationship Management





Jeremiah Agboola, PhD

PhD Business Administration; California Miramar University, USA

MBA General Management; Newport University, USA

MS Strategic Leadership; Rockfield College of Sciences, Switzerland

CQMIA Certfied Quality Management Internal Auditor, Quality Austria, Austria

HGD Markeitng Management, LCC London, UK


Teaching & Research Interest:

Business Administration, Strategic Management, Organizational Behaviour

Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Relationship Management,

Quality Management, Higher Education Administration




Steve Guanwei Jang, PhD, PMP

PhD Project Management, University of Southampton, UK

PhD Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University, USA

MS Engineering Business Management, University of Warwick, UK

MS Manufacturing Engineering & Management, University of Birmingham, UK

BS Mechanical Engineering, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, Taiwan


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Strategic Operations Management, Quantitative Analysis, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Engineering & Procurement Management, Risk Management, Quality Management, Operations Research



Barbara Gast, DM

DM Organizational Management, University of Phoenix, USA

MA Organizational Management, University of Phoenix, USA

MS Agribusiness and Marketing, Arizona State University, USA

BA Education Management, Arizona State University, USA


Teaching & Research Interest:

Organizational Management, Leadership, Agro-Business & Development, Operations Research and Management



Alison Fraser-Walker, DBA

DBA Organizational Development; University of Phoenix, USA

MBA Management; Open University, London, United Kingdom

MA Education, Open University, London, United Kingdom

Master of Arts, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom 


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Business & Organizational Ethics, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development and Leadership, Entreprenuership



Georgios Palaiologos, PhD

PhD Entrepreneurship & Small Business, University Autonoma Bacelona, Spain

MS International Business Management; Boston University, USA

PGD Small Business Management, National University of Aegean, Greece

BS Education & Sport, National University of Athens, Greece


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Entrepreneurship & Small Busines, International Business, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Leadership, Hospitality and Tourism



Marina Sologubova, PhD

PhD Economics, State Technical University, Russia

MS Economics, State Technical University, Russia

CSCP - Certifed Supply Chain Professional, USA

MBA, The Open University, London, United Kingdom

BS Information Technology, State Technical University, Russia


Teaching & Research Interest:  Supply Chain Management, Managerial Economics, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Organizational Leadership, Marketing Management



Alvin Chan, DBA

DBA Business Administration, California Coast University, USA

MBA Management, Edingburg Business School, United Kingdom

PGD Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

BA Economics & Asian Studies, National University of Singapore


Teaching & Research Interest:

Business Administration, Marketing, Brand Management, Entreprenuership, Innovation, Organizational Development, Asia Business Development



Asimina Vlachaki, PhD

PhD Economics, Tilburg University, Netherlands

MPhil Economics, Tilburg University, Netherlands

MS Economics, University of Macedonia, Greece

BS Economics, Aristotle University, Greece


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Public Economics and Finance, Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Taxation, Financial Markets, International Economics and Finance, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship



Giuseppe Catenazzo, PGC, MS, MPhil

PhD (Cand) Management, University of Geneva, Switzerland

MPhil Management, University of Nice, France

MS Management, University of Savoy, France

PGCert. Applied Economics, University of London, United Kingdom

BS Economics & Management, University of Aosta Valley, Italy


Teaching & Research Interest:  

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Quantitative Methods, Operations Management, Business Research Methods, Organizational Development, Environmental Economics



Suzanne Eugster, MS HRM

MS Human Resource Management, Denver University, Denver, Colorado, USA

BA Education, University of Colorado - Boulder, Colorado, USA

AA Liberal Arts, American College of Switzerland, Leysin, Switzerland


Teaching & Research Interest:

Human Resource Management, Leadership and Ethics, Managerial Decision Making, Global Workforce Management, Managing Employee Relations, Employment Law, Compensation Management



Rosario Maandig, CPA, MBA

CPA Professional Certified Public Accountant

MBA General Management, Rockfield College of Management, Zurich

BS Accounting & Economics; Xavier University, Philippines


Teaching & Research Interest:

Management Finance, Managerial Accounting; Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Organizational Development, Human Resource Management



Anastasios Anagnostopoulos, MSc Finance

MS International Securities and Banking; University of Reading, United Kingdom

BS Accounting & Finance; Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece


Teaching & Research Interest: 

Banking and Finance, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Inventory Management, Financial Statement Analysis. Treasury Management






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