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   MS. Environment & Natural Resources

   Graduate Diploma / Graduate Certificate



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Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs are designed to give professionals and those with Bachelor degree the opportunity to attend MBA-level program with in-depth instruction in a specific business discipline. Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn the Graduate Certificate which demonstrates you have mastered and gained graduate-level knowledge in a specific management discipline. The Graduate Programs are available in general management, international business, financial management, marketing management, human resource management, hospitality management, healthcare management, and project management 


Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate award can be use for career advancement and as higher entry qualification to pursue the Master of Business Administration degree. Further-more, the program will help graduates to keep pace with the advancements and developments in the fast-moving business world. Whatever forms you wish to apply your certificate, the RCM graduate certificate program is an asset and excellent opportunity to gaining comprehensive, practical, executive-level knowledge in a business discipline of your choice.



Progression to MBA Program

Student that successfully complete a Graduate Diploma / Certificate can move on to pursue MBA top-up program of Rockfield College of Sciences or at another institutions


Graduate Diploma / Certificates Areas

Graduate Certificate program are available in the specific majors listed below (contact our Program Advisor to discuss your specific major if not listed below):


 International Management

 General Management

  Marketing Management

  Financial Management

 Healthcare Management

 Project Management

  Aviation Management

Human Resource Management



Objectives of Graduate Diploma / Certificate Program

There are many-folds objectives of Graduate Certificate program including to provide ...

 Professionals the opportunity to experience graduate-level study without taking full MBA study

 Significant opportunity to explore issues that characterize contemporary business environment

 Explicit academic experience and specialist credential in a given business discipline

 Option to pursue MBA- Business Administration degree upon completion of the program

  Student the practical knowledge and skills on the integrated nature of business functions


Program Structure - Graduate Diploma / Certificate

Graduate Diploma (GDip) requires completion of 9 Graduate-level Courses (45 ECTS-Units)

Graduate Certificate (GCert) requires completion of 6 Graduate-level Courses (30 ECTS-Units) 

The required ECTS-Units (European Credits Transfer System) are beyond Bachelor degree. The total credits can be completed through the completion of graduate-level courses listed below, pending total credits transferred into the program



  GRADUATE CERTIFICATE - (Required 6 Courses)

   GRADUATE DIPLOMA - (Required 6 Courses + 3 Electives)

Financal Management

International Management

FIN 611

Corporate Finance

IBM 630

International Finance

FIN 612

Managerial Accounting

IBM 631

International Economics

FIN 613

Financial Institutions & Market

MKT 511

International Marketing

FIN 614

Portfolio Management

MGT 556

Operations Management

FIN 615

Quantitative Methods

MGT 555

Organizational Behaviour

MGT 660


MGT 660



Marketing Management

General Management

MKT 511

International Marketing

MGT 567

Leadership Theories

MKT 512

Strategic Marketing

MGT 556

Operations Management

MKT 513

Advanced Marketing Research

MGT 555

Organizational Behaviour

MKT 514

Advanced Consumer Behaviour

FIN 610

Managerial Finance

MKT 515

Marketing Communication

HRM 611

Human Resource Management

MGT 660

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

MGT 568

Information Systems Management


Project Management

Human Resource Management

PRM 511

Project Management Strategy

HRM 611

Human Resource Management

PRM 512

Procurment & Contract Manag

HRM 612

Compensation Management

PRM 513

Managing Project Team

HRM 613

Training & Development

PRM 514

Cost & Scheduling Manag.

HRM 614

Employment Law

PRM 515

Project Risk Management

MGT 567

Leadership Theories

MGT 568

Information Systems Manag.

MGM 550

Managing Business Ethics




. Additional Information

  Program Admission:

Bachelor Degree or Equivalent from recognised institutions

  Enrolment / Intake:

Open Enrolment  (Year-round admission application)  

  Transfer Credits:

Transfer of Prior Credits (per evaluation of prior studies and Courses)

  Program Duration:

12 - 20 Months  (Flexible Duration, depends on individual commitment

  Study Methods:

Distance Learning - Online Study  (see Study Methods)

  Assessment Methods:

Mixture of Exams and Assignments per course




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