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Master of Supply Chain Management program is designed for students and professionals seeking to learn and develop working expertise and knowledge in supply chain.  The program will focus on applying supply chain management principles to business situations from product development, production, logistics and sourcing to managing organizational resources to achieve strategic objectives.  Upon completing Supply Chain Management program, students have gained skills needed to develop effective leadership and management abilities to enhance productivity;  Achieved knowledge and managerial skills to maximize efficiency and profitability in supply chain strategy


Program Outcomes  
Master of Supply Chain Management degree will enhance students' careers prospect and enable graduates to:

 Develop well-grounded understanding of supply chain management practice

 Evaluate and select an appropriate supply chain design 

 Aligned supply chain goals with strategic planning process

 Apply proven supply chain management principles to business situations

 Analyze the implications of supply chain management to organizational effectiveness

  Maximize efficiency and profitability in the application of supply chain strategy 

  Analyze logistics decision support systems for Supply chains need 


Professional Career Paths

Master of Supply Chain Management degree will prepare graduates for exciting and challenging careers in leadership positions such as:



 Inventory Planning Analyst

 Supply Chain Business Partner

 Logistic Analyst / Manager

 Business Development

 Purchasing & Supply Manager

 Warehouse Leader / Manager

 Operations Manager 

 Ground Operations Controller

  Business Dev. Executive



Graduation Requirements

Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) degree requires the successful completion of 13 graduate-level courses, minimum 85 ECTS-Credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The total cumulative credits will include recommended core courses, elective courses, dissertation and applicable transfer credits. Student performance will be measure against acceptable overall academic achievements throughout the study


  Courses - Master of Supply Chain Management

SCM 650

Supply Chain Strategy

SCM 651

Operations Management

SCM 652

Global Logistics and Transportation

SCM 653

Strategic Warehouse Management

SCM 654

Purchasing and Contract Management

SCM 655

Global Supply Chain Management

MBA 520

Management Information Systems

MBA 530

Managerial Economics

MBA 540

Project Management

MBA 555

Organizational Behaviour

MBA 610

Human Resource Management

SCM 699

Master Project  in SCM (capstone course)



. Additional Information

  Program Admission:

Bachelor Degree or Equivalent from recognised institutions

  Enrolment / Intake:

Open Enrolment  (Year-round admission application)  

  Transfer Credits:

Transfer of Prior Credits (per evaluation of prior studies and Courses)

  Program Duration:

12 - 20 Months  (Flexible Duration, depends on individual commitment

  Study Methods:

Distance Learning - Online Study  (see Study Methods)

  Assessment Methods:

Mixture of Exams and Assignments per course




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