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 Organization & Leadership



RCM Rockfield College of Management has a distinct organizational structure that is divided into three main groups with different roles and responsibilities: RCM Executive Council, Honorary Advisory Board, and RCM Sub-Committees Most of the roles and activities of the groups are complementary and interrelated for the good of the institution. The Executive Board and Faculty-Professors of RCM are providing the leadership and expertise to support and mentor students to attains and fulfils their higher education goals


RCM Executive Academic Board

The Executive Council (Academic Board) of RCM is the highest constituency for governance, leadership, strategic decisions, institutional research and quality assurance. The Academic Board is chaired by the Chief Academic Officer and composed of Campus Directors, Department Directors, Deans and Deputy Deans. 


The Academic Board main responsibilities include the following:

Reviewing Mission and institutional strategies for the College

Initial strategic decisions for direction and growth of the College

Developing and coordinating Strategic Planning and Processes for whole institution


Honorary Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is constituted to supervise the academic operations of the university, approving academic reforms and maitaining academic integrity of RCM. The mission of the Board is to critically reflect on RCM Stategic Academic perspectives - taking into consideration the business and societal aspects to ensures RCM continues on its pround mission to offering quality career-focused business education that are relevant to the changing world


Qualified Faculty Mentors - RCM engage highly qualified and dedicated Professors and Instructors that offer professional and academic support to students; our Faculty drives the university's innovative capacity as experts in their fields because of their combine academic and professional expertise - see faculty profiles



  Executive Council / Academic Board

  His Royal Majesty King Dr. Edmund Keli'i Silva Jr., King of Hawai'i.  Chancellor of RCM

  HE. Nadia Harihiri,  Pro-Chancellor of RCM 

  HE. Nadia Harihiri Head of International Relations & Projects Development

  HE. Tomeo RD. Gressard,  President of RCM 

  Dr. Jeremiah Agboola,  Executive Vice President / Chief Academic Officer

  Mr. Lakdar Khelfallah,  Advisor for Projects Development & Strategy


  Honorary presidents - INTERNATIONAL advisory COMMITTEE

  HRH Princess Sanyogita Atrey,  Honorary President for India

  HH Princess Dato' Seri Dato' Dr. Romona Murad,  Honorary President for Malaysia

  HH Princess Fatoumata Binta Diallo,  Honorary President for Senegal



  academic Administration - switzerland

  Dr. Jeremiah Agboola,  Academic Dean

  Dr. Ernest Eugster,  Program Quality Advisor

  Dr. Vjollca Hasani,  Chair of Business Programs

  Grace Lara Oke,  Director of Administration & Student Services

  Charlotte Paul,  Associate Director of Marketing & Communication


  Student Services Administration

  Programs and Curriculum Development

  Faculty and Instructional Development

  Partnerships & University Relations

  Research and Quality Management

  Marketing and Business Development







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