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Message from the Pro-Chancellor: Her Highness Nadia Harihiri





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Welcome to Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology, Switzerland. As Pro-Chancellor, I appreciate your decision to join our academic community - your acceptance of admission into this university will provide you opportunity to learn and achieve valuable skills for successful career progression in your chosen profession. 


RCS is known for its innovative academic curriculum that offers students around the world the opportunity to learn and apply the latest concepts and principles of organizational know-how in the global workplace. Our Dedicated Faculty and Professional Administrators will support you to discover your potential and secure valuable assets for your future.  Our innovative curriculum are professionally and academically designed to help learners and students recognize, explore and develop the required knowledge and skills needed to achieve professional competencies


RCS is based in Zurich-Switzerland - a global center of international business and diplomacy. RCS is Accredited and Certified by internationally recognised  accreditation bodies, and is members of renowned international organizations


On behalf of the our Academic Board and Faculty, I welcome you into our academic community, and looking forward to supporting you in your studies ..
























Her Highness Nadia Harihiri

Pro-Chancellor of RCS

International Relations & Projects Development


Crowned Queen AYA of Africa

President of ADN - French Internatioal NGO

President for Africa, CID International Group

Ambassador-at-Large, IHRC International Human Rights Commission






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