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Master of Business Administration - MBA







Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed to enable mid-career professionals and accomplished individuals to learn new managerial skills needed to develop effective leadership and management abilities that will enhance their potentials and productivity within organisation.  MBA is a respected business qualification and a benchmark for progression to corporate and leadership positions in private and public organisations. Our MBA program offers several concentrations that allow student to complete a general degree in Business Administration or enhance the study with specific concentration or major


MBA Specializations - Majors:

Master of Business Administration program can be completed with emphasis in a specific major(s) listed below (please contact our Program Advisor to discuss your specific major if not listed below):


International Business

Finance.    Marketing Managmnt   

General Management

Aviation Management

Agribusiness Management

International Management

Healthcare Management

Human Resource Management

 Public Administration



Professional Career Paths

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree will prepare graduates for exciting and respectful leadership and corporate careers such as:


 Management Consultant

 Business Policy Advisor

 Business Strategist

 Project Planning Analyst

 Business Administrator

 Business Development Analyst

 Organizational Strategist

 Relationship Manager

  Operations Controler



MBA Program Structure

Master of Business Administration requires successful completion of 14 graduate-level courses, minimum of 90 ECTS-Credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) beyond Bachelor degree. The total credits can be completed through recommended graduate courses listed below, pending total credits transferred into the program


 Core Courses - MBA Master of Business Administration

MBA 510

Strategic Management & Business Policy

MBA 520

Management Information Systems

MBA 525

Advanced Marketing

MBA 530

Managerial Economics

MBA 540

Advanced Project Management

MBA 550

Managing Business Ethics

MBA 610

Human Resource Management

MBA 620

Managerial Finance

MBA 630

Leadership Theory + Concepts

MBA 635

Managerial Accounting

MBA 699

Master Thesis / Project




MBA Professional Electives

Master of Business Administration program can be completed with emphasis in a specific Professional Pathway through selection of additional courses pertaining thereof. From the list below, select minimum 2 Graduate Courses pertaining to your specific major / concentration. Please contact Program / Admission Advisor to discuss your specific requirements if not listed below:


 MBA Concentration Areas

 MBA Finance

MBA International Business

FIN 611

Corporate Finance

MBA 630

International Business

FIN 612

Financial Institutions & Markets

MBA 511

International Marketing

FIN 613

Advanced Quantitative Methods

MBA 556

Operations Management


MBA Marketing

MBA General Management

MKT 621

International Marketing

MBA 660

Managing Entrepreneurship

MKT 622

Managing Strategic Marketing

MBA 555

Operations Management

MKT 623

Advanced Marketing Research

MBA 555

Organizational Behaviour


MBA Supply Chain Management

MBA Human Resource Management

SCM 653

Supply Chain Strategy

HRM 611

International Human Resource

SCM 651

Supply Chain Management

HRM 612

Compensation Management

SCM 652

Logistics and Transportation

HRM 613

Employment Law


MBA Aviation Management

MBA Tecnology Management

MAV 510

Airport Operations Management

TEM 641

Management of Technology

MAV 513

Airlines Finance Management

TEM 642

New Product Management

MAV 512

Airlines Marketing Strategy

TEM 643

IT Project Management




Graduation Requirements

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree requires the successful completion of minimum 90 ECTS-Credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The total cumulative credits will include recommended core courses, elective courses, dissertation and applicable transfer credits. Student performance will be measure against acceptable overall academic achievements throughout the study



. Additional Information

  Program Admission:

Bachelor Degree or Equivalent from recognised institutions

  Enrolment / Intake:

Open Enrolment  (Year-round admission application)  

  Transfer Credits:

Transfer Credits Possible (per evaluation of prior studies and Courses)

  Program Duration:

12 - 20 Months  (Flexible Duration, depends on individual commitment

  Study Methods:

Distance Learning - Online Study  (see Study Methods)

  Assessment Methods:

Mixture of Exams and Assignments per course




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