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HRM Dr. Edmund Keli'i Silva. Jr, Sovereign King of Hawai'i





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His Royal Majesty Dr. Edmund Keli’i Silva. Jr, Sovereign King of Hawai'i,  gracefully accepted the distinguished position as Chancellor of Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology (RCST University, Switzerland)


This position comes with the motivation to invite Distinguish Scholars, Students, Eminent Leaders and Respected Statemen throughout the Kingdom of Hawai’i, Dispersed Island Nations, First Nations, Indigenous Nations and all Nations of the world, to eventually study the Rule of Law, Maritime Law, Natural Law and Treaty Law as the basis and guiding structure of all Laws that shapes the interractions and behaviors of people and nations worldwide




“As King, I actively strive for peaceful coexistence of people worldwide. I believe the attainment of quality higher education will strengthen the spirit of mankind to learn.  Learning brings an understanding of the beauty of God’s creations and an appreciation of the dynamic mix of people and nations around the globe.  Such knowledge generates the Commonality of Peace, Love and Friendship between all mankind.” 

 - HRM Dr. Edmund K. Silva Jr., Ali’i Nui Mō’ī, Sovereign King of Hawai'i


With the ease of today’s innovative and communication technologies, quality education can be conveniently and equally distributed outside of the normal education system.  His Majesty’s message of peace and love supports the efforts to bring unique cultural traditions together under a unified spirit of love and peace for all humanity.  King Silva will be conducting several guest lectures regarding these topics.



 Aloha Greetings,


 HRM Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund Keli'i Silva Jr.

 Sovereign Kingdom of Hawai’i  (Nou Ke Akua Ke Aupuni O Hawai’i)

 Sacred Royal Name: Nalikolauokalani Paki - Ka 'I 'omaka-ola-hou-Kaluaokalani-ka-'I-mano-

 'anu'unu'u-ka-lama kea-i-ho'oku-ke-aupuni-o-Hawai'i.







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