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RCST continue to seeks Valued Partnership with academic institutions around the world that will enhances Valued Learning for our students worldwide thereby creating accessible quality education



Academic Partners (Learning Centres)

RCST seeks to establish collaboration with academic institutions (e.g. University, Colleges and Training Institutes) that wish to offer our programs on their campus, such institution will become "Approved RCST Study Centre" authorised to provide tuition and training facilities for RCS academic programs in their territories. Our decision to establish collaboration and relationship with Universities and Colleges around the world is aim to expand our commitment to offering accessible quality education to students through the larger selection of study programs and locations. The partnership may provide additional benefits e.g.


On-Campus Study 

Dual-Degree Programs

Program Validation 

Transfer Credit Acceptance



Corporate Partners

RCST is committed to sharing our quality study programs with companies and organizations (e.g. institutions, corporations, NGOs, Government Agency) to improve the productivities of their employees and members. RCST degree programs offered completely off-campus; there is no need for students leaving or missing valuable time at work to attend classes. In additiona, we can provide custom learning programs to fully meet the employer’s needs. Our open enrolment system and self-paced programs give students the flexibility to fit their education around their career and family commitments. Employees and members (including their spouses and children) of corporate partner organizations will be eligible for special tuition discount benefits – great opportunity to build the future of employees and their family



Admission Representatives

RCST seeks student admissions representatives - to recruits students for our distance learning programs, assist students to select programs and guide them through admission application process for acceptance into RCS. Approved admissions representatives can market RCST academic programs, conduct interviews with prospective students, and makes public presentations at local events within the community. The Admission representatives will earns Basic Compensation per student recruited; RCS will provide supportive marketing and promotional materials for students recruiting



Partnership Inquiry

Please contact us if your institution or organization would like to partner with us. Please write and send email with attached Partnership Proposal to RCST Rockfield College of Sciences (Attention: Director of Marketing and Partnership Development).  RCST Contacts Email:








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