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   Tuition Fees Refund Policy




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Students are advice to read and study the Terms and Condtions of Admission into Rockfield College of Management, including Tuition-Fees Refund Policy for Distance Learning Study.  Student enrolled on distance learning program has the right to cancel the enrolment before the completion of program of study, to receive a refund on the credit balance pro rata.


Date of Enrolment

Official date of Enrolment for Distance Learning Study is the date when RCM received paid tuition fees, process student enrolment, and ordered related learning materials.


Notice of Cancellation or Withdrawal

Student who wish to Drop or Withdraw from a Course or Withdraw from the registered Program should complete the Course Drop or Withdrawal Form (available at Student Service Office). The notice of cancellation must be made in writing, and the cancellation date is the date the written notice is received at RCM Office in Switzerland


Refund Policy and Amount of Refund

RCM will process, order and send the entire study materials that cover the amount paid. Any Refund will be base on the Credit Balance amount after deduction of cost of enrolment processing and ordered / dispatched of learning materials for the student. The amount of refund will depend on the amount of fees paid:


 ► 20% Refund: If you have paid 50% or more of the Total Tuition Fees, and written notice of cancellation

       is received within 4 weeks after the date of enrolment.

 ► 10% Refund: If you have paid 1/3 of Total Tuition Fees, and written notice of cancellation is received

       within 3 weeks after the date of enrolment

 ►  0% Refund: If the cancellation notice is received 6 weeks after the date of enrolment.



Termination of Enrolment

Please visit academic regulations for full information on enrolment termination policy. RCM (and partner institutes) reserves the right to terminate enrolment of a student. Some of the conditions that can warrant

enrolment termination are listed below

Falsifies information on original application and documents to gain admission

Fails to make payment of required tuition fee when dues

Cheats on coursework activities including project or exams

Threatens or is abusive to RCM Faculty, Staff and Student





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