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Students who has completed two-third of the total required courses of the enrolled graduate degree program can decide to start writing the Graduate Thesis and Dissertation for the chosen specialization subject in the enrolled graduate program


Academic Thesis

Academic Thesis will lead to formal definition of hypotheses and some form of hypothesis ‘testing" - this is possible through a process of data collection and analysis. Graduate Thesis is a scientific thesis written indepnedently by the student on Master and Doctoral programs - the Thesis will enable student to specialise and elaborates on the chosen subject and topic of the research


Internship-Based Thesis

Internship Thesis motivates real-​world experiences that allow our students to gain first-​hand knowledge about specific industries and corporate cultures, whereof the lessons learned during classroom courseworks can be directly applied in the real world at the organizations. It will enable students to looks at a general phenomenon around a particular  organization or industry, reviews the literature that has been written on the topic of the thesis, and then applies this literature to the case of the organization or industry the student has been working for. The internship can be completed in Switzerland or abroad at an established corporation or organization. The students will choose the position of the internship themselves.


Difference Between Academic Thesis and Internship Thesis:


Academic Thesis will mostly lead to formal definition of hypotheses and some form of hypothesis ‘testing’ (through a process of data collection and analysis).  Internship-Based Thesis will typically not define formal hypotheses, but will explore existing theories or concepts and derive some general ideas from these theories. These ideas will then be used to explore the situation, problem and questions facing the organization.


Understand Internship Thesis

Student that decided for Internship should have as content a practical problem, and able to apply previously acquired academic knowledge to propose and possibly implement a solution to the problem. This means that the Internship Thesis should identify the problem, identify alternative solutions, propose one solution, and then indicate how the proposed solution should be implemented within the organization in which your internship took place. The student should demonstrate systemic understanding of the received body of academic knowledge pertaining to the chosen specialization of enrolled degree program.


Internship Thesis will be a demonstration of academic maturity by students on graduate degree programs. Students on Master and Doctorate programs must demonstrate sufficient knowledge and command of academic research activities - that should include profound ability to:

(a) identify and define the problem that is being investigated;  

(b) review and summarize received relevant literatures and select relevant literatures;  

(c) choose and apply appropriate research methods to solve the problem from theoretical or scientific point of view;  

(d) describe tangible objectives of the research;

(e) analyze empirical data and draw appropriate conclusions and recommendations;  

(f) implement the solution to the problem in actual practice of the organization.


Students enrolled at RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology are expected to comply with the University's Rules and Regulations including all aspect of academic and administration matters pertaining to the study programs. RCST upholds the integrity of our academic activities and the sanctity of academic honesty, therefore RCST will not tolerate any Fraudulent Behaviour from students and mentors and will investigate all instances of suspected fraud. 








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