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Assessment is by mixture of Assignments and Examinations for each course. Assessment is designed to measure student's understanding of the materials, and to test the application of the principles learned to real-life situations. Our Course Learning Guides provide information on course learning topics, reading assignments, case analysis, problem solving, and discussions with assigned instructors



Course Load

Students are encouraged to study one course at a time and progress through their Academic program at the minimum rate of one course. Individual course is designed to be completed within six (6) weeks, however, distance learning students are allowed to proceed at their own pace - student may request additional courses at one time. Research proposals may be submitted when the student has satisfactorily completed half of the program requirements for the selected program.


Assignment and Examination

Students are asked to write responses to assignment questions from assigned reading and reliable materials. This is an opportunity for students to engage the material and consider how concepts might be applied in real-world situations. All responses must be in studentsí own words and should be thoroughly comprehensive and insightful with appropriate factual examples


Proctor Examination 

To ensure the security of course-examination and the integrity of matriculated student, RCST requires distance learning students to complete Final Examinations under the supervision of an Approved Proctor - to administered the exam within the student's territory. Proctor is a respected and impartial individual that will monitor the exams and ensure that the student is taking and completing the exams without any outside assistance.

Approved Proctor - RCST will nominate and assigned a Proctor to administer a particular Course Examination. Acceptable Proctors are College Professors and Tutors, Religion Leaders, Librarian, Education Officers, Counsellor, and Departmental Leaders in organizations (must not be a relative or spouse).


Grade Reports

Course Instructors and Resource Examiners will mark and sets grade for all courseworks. RCST Professors will award appropriate course grades when student successfully performed the tasks and objectives indicated in Performance Requirements Assignment (e.g. Explain, Discuss, List, Critique, Describe, Defined, Analyse, Propose, Summarize, Identify, Illustrate). Student is expected to answer the questions with logical examples and familiar cases. Students are to maintain good academic grades and acceptable performance to remain on the program


Repeat Examination

Failing a course will automatically require the student to retake the course-exam. Reassessments include resit examinations and re-submission of project or coursework.  Acording to grade report from the Faculty, a student may be adviced to resubmit or repaet an assignment due to poor marks or any other academic rules. Students may repeat the course in which they have received a substandard grade - { D, E, F, I } - when such repetition has taken place, the prior grade will be replaced with current grade for grade point computation.  Student that requested to repeat an exam will be access payment of Administration Fees for repeated exam.








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