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RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology provides related study support resources to students which are paramount to academic learning

Student Support Services at RCST provides encouragement, support and motivation to students during the academic journey in order to successfully complete your study program. Our dedicated Student Services Staff takes pride in assisting with exceptional support services providing immediate and reliable correspondence, ensuring student needs are attended to with utmost care.


New and Returning Students can contact the Student Services Offices to discuss how we can help you. We provides full and accessible support to all students and prospectives applicants, from application to admission to graduation, our professional Staff and Administrators will be glad to help.  Whether we are assisting with how to select proctor for exams, get internship placements or arrange one-on-one tutorial sessions with professors, we are here for you and desired to see you reach your higher educational goals. 




RCST Student Services Administration


The SSA Team are challenge to provide continuous support to students through its various functions including:


   Encourages and motivates new and returning students


   Assists students with academic policies and procedures


   Contact Point for students on academic and administrative matters


   Assists with arranging and meeting course requirements


   Offering information that guides students through the degree completion


   Assists with obtaining qualified proctors and processing final exams


   Process and dispatch learning materials to students


   Arrange academic advising session for students and faculty


   Connects students with appropriate faculty / professors as needed





 Official Verification DOCUMENTS


RCST Student Services / University Registrar Office can provides a wide range of Verification Documents and Letters for students and graduates in lieu of their academic relationship with this institution. Upon request, the student will receive the required letter or document such as listed below and more...:


 Enrolment Confirmation Letter

 Apostile / Legalization Stamp on Diploma

  Letter of Recommendation

 Notarized Stamp on Transcript

 Program Completion Letter

 Certified Copy of Diploma

 Degree Confirmation Letter

 Statement of Good Standing


Student Request for applicable verification letter will be process and sent within 5 working days following receipt of the request, provided the student's records have been processed for enrollment. Student making request should send a written signed letter (include Student Name, Student Registration Number, Study Program), send request per email to RCST Student Services Administration Office




Registrar Office

RCST Registrar Office maintains accurate and secure student records; issue academic transcripts and prepare and issue diplomas for graduates and other graduation documents.  Degree Progress Report will provide complete audits for students nearing graduation. Degree Audits are effectively administered to verify the student has completed all academic requirements of the degree.  The Registrarís Admission Evaluation Team verifies application documentss and provides timely feedback to prospects students regarding evaluation results - Admission Evaluation Report.


Study Success Advisors

You are not alone while taking distance learning studies. If you are looking for writing support, learning assistance or content tutoring, the RCST Success Advisors are here to help you achieve your goals - provide students with immediate support in the studies, and encourage open communication between student and resource professors to enable the student to freely seek mentorship and discussing areas of challenges in the courses of studies


Academic Advising

This is supportive service for students and learners to compliments the learning process.  RCST encourage students to seekk advisement - very important for ensuring successful completion of degree program, to ask questions as needed during their studies.  From the moment students are admitted onto our programs, RCST is committed to preparing the students for success in the academic setting by assisting students in the development of skills to define and achieve their goals.


End of Program Feedback From Student

Students are encourage to participate in important Survey and Questionaires for End of Program Evaluation this is required for students completing academic program. The Final Assessment of Programs, and constructive feedback from student will provides RCST University the opportunity to restructure the programs, updates program requirements, course delivery, teaching content, curriculum improvement and faculty training etc.


Release of Student Records

Rockfield College of Sciences of Technology will always maintains the integrity of official records of students, those pertaining to students in their capacity as students, including but not limited to academic evaluations, transcripts, test scores and other academic records. Under the Private Data Protection Act of Zurich Canton (Switzerland), it is our policy to protect the Student's Right of Privacy.  All students have the right to inspect and review records pertaining to themselves in their capacity as students; to seek correction of their student records and to have withheld from disclosure, identifiable information from their student records. It is extremely important for each student to keep the Registrar's Office currently informed as personal data changes occur to assure that accurate and complete records are maintained.







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