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Students enrolled at RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology Switzerland are expected to meet standards of academic achievements with overall successful courses completion that results in the award of degrees and qualifications. Student Performances will be evaluated at the end of six months to determine the level of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

RCST will not allow students to remain enrolled who are not meeting standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The Percentage of Credit Hours successfully completed must equal a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of the Credit Hours attempted in order to be satisfactorily progressing with the University’s maximum time frame. Satisfactory academic progress standards apply to all students and include all periods of the student’s enrolment.





Incomplete Course


Students receiving at the discretion of the Faculty member, a grade of “I” will be evaluated according to the minimum standard for academic progress and will be re-evaluated at the end of the first two weeks of the following course, during which time the student may complete missing work. Courses indicating an “I” at the end of the two-week period will become an “F” with a “0” added to the GPA.

Student who withdraws during the last quarter of his/her program will receive a grade of “incomplete” if the student requests the grade at the time of withdrawal and the student withdraws for an appropriate reason unrelated to the student’s academic status. A student who receives a grade of incomplete may re-enrol in the program during the 12-month period following the date the student withdraws and complete those incomplete subjects without payment of additional tuition.


  Withdraw, Withdraw Failing, Transfer of Credits

If a student withdraws prior to the mid-point in a course, the student receives a “W” and the GPA is not affected. If a student withdraws after the mid-point, the student receives a “WF” and receives a “0” for the course at the discretion of the Faculty member. This is included in the GPA. Transfer of credit courses does not affect the GPA. The student who receives a “W” grade will have a 12-month period following the date the student withdraws to complete the course at no additional tuition.


  Course Repetition

Students must repeat courses in which they have received an “F” grade or from which they withdraw. Students will be charged the regular tuition fees for each course they repeat in which they received an “F” grade. Graduate students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale on all courses that carry a graduate credit. At RCST, no grade below C is acceptable for credit toward a graduate degree and if a student receives a grade below C in any graduate course, that course must be repeated. The new grade will replace the old grade for grade point average calculation but the old grade will remain in the transcript. Student, who wishes to improve a Course Grade, may request to Repeat the Course / Exams, and pay same regular fee to repeat a course.




Academic Probation


Student who is making unsatisfactory progress at the end of a grading period will be placed on academic probation for the next grading period. If the student on academic probation achieves satisfactory  progress for the subsequent period but has not achieve  the required grades for overall satisfactory progress, the student may be continued on probation for one more grading period.


Academic Suspension or Dismissal

Student who fails to achieve or maintain overall satisfactory academic progress during or at end of two successive probationary grading periods will be suspended from enrolment (such enrolment may be terminated by the University)


Reinstatement of Academic Suspension

Student whose enrolment is suspended for unsatisfactory progress may reapply for admission after a minimum of one grading period. A student who returns after the enrolment was suspended for unsatisfactory progress will be placed on probation for the next grading period. The student will be advised of this action, and the student’s file will be documented accordingly.




Student Leave of Absence (LOA)


RCST will grant a leave of absence (LOA) to enrolled student who has medical or personal reasons that prohibits the student from progressing on the registered study program, and that make it difficult for the student to complete the courseworks on schedule.  Student is eligible for maximum duration of 60-days for LOA.  Student requesting LOA will send a written signed letter to Student Service Office


(a)  Medical Leave of Absence, the student request must be accompanied by a letter from a physician or medical practitioner.

(b)  Personal Leave of Absence, the student request may require documentation supporting the need for the leave.


  Depending on standard duration for the enrolled study program, the student will be allowed one Leave of Absence per academic year – maximum of 60-days period. Student requesting LOA must be academically active in the enrolled program; have completed major part or reasonable number of courses while enrolled. Special consideration will be given to students on active Military, Para-Military and National Emergency services.


Student placed on a LOA is not eligible to receive student services (e.g., advisement, transcript evaluation, course approval). Student that already enrolled on RCST courses prior to leave of absence may continue in the course. If the student chooses not to continue in the course the student would be required to withdraw from the course according to the Course Withdrawal Policy.  Student that registered for an RCST Examination prior to the leave of absence will be allowed to take the examination at any time during the remainder of the LOA 60-days eligibility period.






Enrolment at RCST may be terminated by the student or by the University. Termination of enrolment by the student must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Services. The University may terminate a student's enrolment if found to be in violation of Academic Rules and series of misbehaviour including:


  Failure to show meaningful progress on assigned courseworks within three months of enrolment

  Non-compliance with academic and administrative regulations pertaining to study program

  Failure to progress on assigned project and research within a reasonable period of time

  Obstructing and Interfering with program structure and procedures by student or the student's sponsors

  Noticeable cheating, and altering of grade results of course examination

  Noticiable false and questionable information on Admission Application

  Consistent cheating at examination and/or plagiarizing in course exams / assignments

 Illicit communication and statement directed to Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests

  Non-payment of Tuition Fees as agreed / prior arranged, and systemic irregular payment

  Poor academic performance; and non-cooperative attitudes to corrective academic measures

 Failure to follow corrective action, and refusal to abide by academic and administrative decisions

  Falsified document(s) and information used to gained admission and enrolled on a study program

 Indisciplines and irreponsible behaviours toward RCS Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests

 Use of abusive language of any kind and methods directed at Faculty, Staff and Students



Student Grievance Resolution (Appeal)


Student who wish to make a complaint against Examination and Academic Records, (or Faculty and Staff Services) regarding an alleged wrong or omission must make such complaint/appeal in writing and send it to the Office of Student Services and or Office of Academics. The next step is to present the complaint to the Office of the President. The President’s Office will refer or direct the complaint to the appropriate University official. On making the complaint, the student will be advised of the process of acceptable resolution depending on the nature of the complaint. RCST would attempt to resolve the complaint satisfactorily to all parties concerned, and then the case shall be closed, with a written notice to that effect sent to the complainant and the respondent.







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