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Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration




Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration program is designed to give accomplished adult and professionals the opportunity to complete and earned BBA degree, by taking into consideration prior university-level education and working experience. Highly experience and busy working professionals eager to advance their management and international business careers will appreciate the accelerated Bachelor program interesting alternative for adults and professionals to pursuing and completing Bachelor degree at time choosing.


Top-up BBA degree will empowers graduates to become business generalists capable of applying analytical and managerial decisions to real-life business and organizational situations. The program is ideal for professionals who has attended higher education and possesed Undergraduate Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification. Candidate will complete 10 Undergraduate Business Courses listed below, additional courses will be assigned to students with less transfer credits











Prof. Krystyna Krol

Department of Business and Econs
























Henry (Graduate - 2012)

BBA Public Administration




































     Required Courses: Accelerated BBA

BBA 320

Leadership Theory

BBA 325

Business Law & Ethics

BBA 332

Principles of Marketing

BBA 335

Financial Management

BBA 345

Managing Information Systems

BBA 350

Management Accounting

BBA 410

Managing Human Resources

BBA 420

International Business

BBA 433

International Finance

BBA 440

Managerial Decision Making

BBA 499

Bachelor Project (capstone course)



Degree Majors - Concentration


Accelerated BBA program can be completed with an emphasis in specific major(s) chosen by the student, e.g: General Management, International Business, Marketing etc. The chosen major will be subject base for the Bachelor Thesis and Project


Graduation Credits Required


Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration degree requires successful completion of 70-ECTS (European Credits Transfer System); the completed 70-units will be recorded as part of Total Cumulative Credits of 180-ECTS required for Bachelor degree graduation including applicable transfer credits. Student performance will be measure against acceptable overall academic achievements


Special Admission Requirements

  Applicant must be at least 20-years old;

  Completed at least 2-years of Undergraduate programs above High School Education

  Possess Undergraduate Diploma or equivalent from recognised institution

  Minimum 1-year of relevant working experience in Business, Technicals or Civil Services

  Adults with lesser qualification but posses years' of experience in will also be consider



. Additional Information

 Graduation Title

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

 Credits Required

70 ECTS-Credits (Accelerated Program)

 Overall Credits Required

180 ECTS-Credits (include Transfer Credits)

 Assessment Methods

Exams and Assignments per course; Course Examination



 Study Duration

18 Months (Flexible Duration - depends on Transfer Credits)

 Program Delivery

Distance Learning - Online Study, Study Methods

 Admission & Enrolment

Year-Round Admission and Open Enrolment

 Admission Requirements

High School Certificate or Higher Qualifications; Admission Requirements









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