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  Hana - DBA Student

  (MBA Graduate 2012)








Doctor of Business Administration degree program provides latest skills and knowledge to develop exceptional leadership quality for the modern economy. This influential graduate program is design to enhance business and leadership professionals with the ability to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills to equip them to perform effectively and ethically within their organizations.


The comprehensive curriculum for Doctor of Business Administration will prepare student for advanced leadership positions in corporations and public organizations; enable you to be professionally oriented and possesses the intellectual ability to understand and integrate information for purposes of research, planning and managing in the competitive business world. Excellence in leadership, strategic management and organizational change management are essential to develop effective corporate executives and organizational viability


The Postgraduate Doctoral program (DBA) consisted of well research interdisciplinary courses relevant to the requirement of multinational business and organizations. The taught modules, independent research and terminal assignments require a rigorous level of commitment from the candidates. The distinguish influential title of "Doctor of Business Administration - DBA" is earned by candidates who completed advanced level courseworks with demonstrated theoretical and practical competences leading to well prepared dissertations which our Dissertation Committee and Subjects Experts recognised as a credible contribution to the literatures of the discipline



DBA Majors - Concentration

RCST offers the doctoral business degree (DBA) with emphasis in areas of concentration - provide students the opportunity to focus on what directly related to their professional growth and career development. (contact Program Advisor to discuss your special need)



 International Business

Financial Management

Human Resource Management

Organizational Development

 Strategic Management

Marketing Management



Career Paths

Doctor of Business Administration degree will prepare students for exciting professional careers in leadership positions such as:


 Management Consultant

 Business Policy Advisor

 Business Strategist - Researcher

 Educator and Researcher

 Business Administrator

 Business Development Analyst

 Organizational Strategist

Operations Controller

  Operations Management




Doctoral - DBA Program Structure

Doctor of Business Administration degree requires successful completion of 100 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) above Master degree. Comprehensive exam is required prior to approval of doctoral dissertation and graduation. The total require credit-units can be completed through the completion of graduate courses listed below, pending total credits transferred into the program



 Stage 1: Core Courses - Doctor of Business Administration

DBA 710

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

DBA 730

Strategic Human Resource Management

DBA 750

Management Finance and Control Systems

DBA 780

Technology and Innovation Management

DBA 820

Quantitative Analysis for Business Decision

DBA 840

International Business and Global Strategy

DBA 860

Organizational Behaviour & Comparative Management

DBA 870

Comprehensive Examination



 Stage 2:  Doctoral - DBA Professional Electives Study

DBA 910

Professional Elective Research I

DBA 920

Professional Elective Research II



 Stage 3:  Doctoral - DBA Dissertation

DBA 970A

Research Proposal and Draft Process

DBA 970B

Completion, Presentation and Defence




Doctoral - DBA Graduation Requirements

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree requires the successful completion of 100 ECTS-Units (European Credits Transfer System) above Master degree. The total cumulative credits will include recommended courses and applicable transfer credits. RCST has pool of highly qualified and experience Faculty-Mentors to provide quality mentoring and support throughout the study. Student performance will be measure against acceptable overall academic achievements



Doctoral Candidate Profiles  

Doctor of Business Administration is aimed at adult and professionals interested in attaining the highest academic knowledge in Business Administration, Policy Formulation, and Sustainable Development, and to contribute to the development of knowledge in the disciplines of business and management ....


Candidate must be at least 25-years old

Candidate will possess recognised Master Degree or equivalent qualifications above Bachelor

Academic and professional qualifications can be in the field of Business or Social Science

Candidate will posses supervisory or management level work experience in business or applied management  (must submit an official Employment testimonial from former / present  employer)



.  Additional Information

 Award and Title

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

 Required Credits

100 ECTS-Credits (include Master Thesis)

 Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits is possible per Transfer Credits Policy

 Study Duration

15 - 20 Months - Flexible Duration (depends on transfer credits)

 Program Delivery

Distance Learning - Online Study - read about Study Methods

 Assessment Methods

Assignments and Independent Research - see Course Examination

 Academic Activities

Independent Field Works , Projects, and Faculty Supervision

 Thesis and Internship

Independent Coursework -  Academic Thesis or Internship Thesis

 Program Admission

Master Degree or Equivalent - see Admission Requirements

 Enrolment - Intake

Open Enrolment and Year-Round Admission

Admisison Application

 Student Application Form - Apply Now






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