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RCM provide students the choice of convinience learning methods; student can choose best possible option either 100% distance learning or a combination of distance learning with hybrid study


(a Distance Learning

Student can start and complete the study at any time chosen without commuting to organised classes. This is a cost-effective way to combine job with educational goal, which gives student the flexibility to fit education around career and family commitments


(b Distance Learning WITH PRIVATE TUTORIAL

Student on Distance Learning may request Private Tutorial Session (PTS)  -  arrange for special tutorial support with a Tutor / Faculty to understand specific topics in a course.  PTS can meet one-day per week and the rest is distance learning.  Requesting Information about PTS and Cost of Attendance to contact Student Services Office  (see Non-Tuition Fees)


Above options will encourage students toward exceptional commitment with self-discipline, self-appraisal, and self-revelation. Increasing numbers of students are pursuing their academic goals at RCM through the flexible characters of our academic programs that helps student ...

  to save money and pursue educational objectives without giving up jobs or neglecting one's family

  to make significant contributions to career development, while staying in full-time employment

  to select courses and programs that are appropriate and relevant to personal needs

  to remain motivated to complete a program and earn recognise academic qualifications



Students have access to qualified and experienced Faculty-Mentors and Administrators. RCM operates open communication channels through Telephone, Live-Video, Live-Conference and Email to provide continuous tutorial assistances throughout the study. Student will have continuous dialogue with appointed instructors in order to guide and assist the student with the course and evaluate the written course-work submitted for grading. The academic and faculty support will afford student the opportunity to revise the course-work and to submit the revision to the instructor for a re-evaluation.






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